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Check Out The HOT Niches You Can Go After Now:

Marketing Agency

SEO Agency

Social Media Agency

Video Marketing

Reputation Mgmt

Website Design

Moving Company

Carpet Cleaner

Auto Repair


Family Lawyer

Personal Injury Lawyer

Insurance Agency




Home Remodeler

Pest Control

Senior Care

Pet Care


Beauty Salon


Personal Trainer

Health Coach

Financial Advisor

Bankruptcy Lawyer

Mortgage Broker


Child Care

Pet Grooming



Roofing Contractor

Tree Service

HVAC Contractor

Family Doctor

Real Estate



Credit Repair


Yoga Center

Travel Agency

Paving Company

Financial Planner

Flower Shop

Laser Hair Removal

Deck Contractor

Restoration Company

Assisted Living

Auto Detailing

Interior Designer

Junk Removal

Pressure Washing

Pool Services

Depending on the niche, Web Design Agencies charge between $500 to $10,000 for ONE website!

Here you see an article talking about how much Dentists are paying for a website. You can see they are paying between $3,200 and $7,000 for one website. And for advanced design, they are paying from $8,000 up to almost $20,000 for one website.
And you can see here that Web Design Agencies charge from $2,500 to $8,000 for one Law Firm website, but it also says that pricing can go up substantially depending on the Law Firm’s requirements

These Were Just Two Of The Industries! With This Upgrade, You Can Go After 50 More Of Them!

If you just sell 5 websites in YOUR local area in the next 30 days, you’ll make $5,000 by charging just $1,000 per site. And as you saw, businesses are willing to pay way more than $1,000 per site!

Plus, you can make money selling these sites on Freelance sites and even on Fiverr.

Here’s an example of someone of Fiverr selling a WordPress site for $950.

Here’s another one charging $1,600

And another one for $1,200 bucks.

And here’s another WordPress Designer who is selling sites for $1,280

Imagine Your Income Potential!

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I’m Going to Give You 60 Sales Videos & 700+ Social Media Images For Those Niches!

Yes. They All Come with Unlimited Agency Rights Too!

Here Are Some Examples Of The Videos You’re Going To Get Access To

Check out the Videos for Your Agency And Your Clients

Examples Of The Social Media Images

Check out Just a Few of Hundreds Social Media Images that Will Boost Social Media Marketing Results of Your Agency And Your Clients

The More You Sell, The More Money You Will Make. It Is That Simple.

60 Industries/Niches: Marketing Agency, SEO Agency, Video Marketing Agency, Social Media Agency, Reputation Management Agency, Website Design Agency, Auto Repair, Dentist, Family Lawyer, Personal Injury Lawyer, Child Care, Pet Grooming, Chiropractor, Roofing Contractor, Tree Service, HVAC Contractor, Moving Company, Carpet Cleaner, Insurance Agency, Handyman, Painter, Plumber, Remodeling Contractor, Pest Control, Senior Care, Pet Care, Dermatologist, Beauty Salon, Pediatrician, Personal Trainer, Health Coach, Financial Advisor, Bankruptcy Lawyer, Mortgage Broker, Bookkeeper, Family Doctor, Real Estate, Landscaping, Locksmith, Veterinarian, Credit Repair, Church, Yoga Center, Travel Agency, Welder, Pool Service, Paving Contractor, Financial Planner, Flower Shop, Laser Hair Removal, Deck Contractor, Damage Restoration, Assisted Living, Auto Detailing, Interior Designer, Junk Removal, Pressure Washing.

Sales Videos For Each of Those Niches


800+ Social Media Image Templates


Each Template Is 100% Customizable


Fast & Easy Install


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