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Hi, it’s Dawn again!

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for being a part of our Local Directory Fortune community. Your trust in my products is the cornerstone of my business, and I’m dedicated to continuously providing you with exceptional tools to empower your journey.

Now, let’s chat about your directory. It’s not just some listings. It’s a bridge to the local food community. And here’s the cool part: Every restaurant wanting a spot in your directory is also looking for marketing help. And guess who they’ll think of first? That’s right, you!

So, how do you become the go-to marketer for these restaurants? Let me introduce you to something super exciting: the Restaurant Marketing Suite Mega Pack.

This isn’t just another tool; it’s a treasure trove of marketing goodies tailored for different restaurant niches. I’m talking about a complete package for each niche:
– A professional website
– Engaging video
– And social media images

Imagine this: You have a pizzeria in town that wants more visibility. You whip out a tailored website from the pack, complete with videos and social media images, and bam! They’re not just listed in your directory. They’re now a standout feature.

But it’s not just about pizza restaurants. We’ve got packs for 8 niches: General Restaurant, Pizza Restaurant, Italian Restaurant, Mexian Restaurant, Buffet Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Bakery and Food Catering.

Each niche gets its own set of tools, designed to make them shine. This means you’re not just offering a listing; you’re providing a complete marketing solution. It’s a win-win – they get more clients, and you become the indispensable marketing guru.

Here’s the kicker: these packs are designed to be super user-friendly. You don’t need to be a tech wizard or a marketing genius. It’s all there – drag and drop, click and publish. Easy, right?


Restaurant Marketing Suite Mega Pack

8 Professional Restaurant Websites

Each Website Has 2 Home Pages, a Landing Page optimized for PPC Advertising and inner pages.

General Restaurant

Buffet Restaurant

Mexican Restaurant

Italian Restaurant

Pizza Restaurant

Coffee Shop



Social Media Posting Plans

DFY Social Media Images and Posting Content

Restaurant Promotion Videos

Editable in Powerpoint

Let’s Recap What You’re Getting Today With This Special Upgrade…

8 Niches: General Restaurant, Pizza Restaurant, Italian Restaurant, Mexian Restaurant, Buffet Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Bakery and Food Catering.

8 Professional Websites


8 Restaurant Videos


Social Media Images


Unlimited Commercial License


Unlimited Websites


Unlimited Clients


Unlimited Profit Potential


Low One-Time Price


30-Day Money Back Guarantee


Dedicated Support 

I really want you to have a copy of this upgrade package so I am giving you my money back guarantee again!
I am taking all the risk on myself AGAIN.

Within 30 days, if you have any issues with using the product that I can’t help you resolve, I will refund every single penny of your purchase.

This is a completely risk free investment in a proven business. I repeat, this is RISK-FREE. It isn’t good for your business, you get your money back.

What Are You Waiting For?

Just one website sold and it’s already an awesome ROI.

This is a one-time-offer so there is no guarantee it will be here. Plus, we have to increase the price soon to be fair to those who got early access to Local Directory Fortune.

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