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Flip the Agency Game with DFY Directory Website! Be Chased by Client with High-Demand, Customizable Restaurant Directory – Ready to Deploy and Profit!

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DFY Restaurant Directory

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Training & Strategies

Training, Strategies & Prospecting Materials

Launching in:

Thank you for your interest in promoting Local Directory Fortune. I’m Dawn, the creator of the Web Agency Fortune & Local Marketing Suites & Local Directory Fortune. Since 2014, I’ve been helping over 4,000 satisfied customers grow their agencies and consulting businesses with high-quality local marketing services.

With more than $400K in sales and over $250K in JV commissions and prizes paid out, I’m proud of the success that my products have brought to my customers and affiliates. Winning 5 DOTD on WarriorPlus has been a humbling and exciting experience, and it shows how dedicated I am to creating great products and providing exceptional support. I take great pride in delivering top-quality website design services that help businesses succeed online, and I’m thrilled to have your support in my upcoming launch of Local Directory Fortune – Restaurant.

Introducing Local Directory Fortune - Restaurant

Tailored for marketers and agencies, this product offers customizable, professional restaurant directory websites ready for immediate deployment. Elevate restaurant’s online presence and unlock new marketing opportunities with minimal effort. A Local Directory is not only a perfect foot-in-the-door for marketing services but also a potential income generator for any agency looking for more clients.

Funnel Details

Potential Earning: $326.5 Per Sale

$25-$27 @ 50%

FE – Local Directory Fortune – Restaurant

– DFY Restaurant Directory
– Build for WordPress w/ multiple import options. Deploy in minutes.
– Social Media Images & Videos to promote the directory
– Training & Strategies
– Unlimited Personal Usage

*$12.95 Bump Offer: 1000 restaurant leads in 10 biggest US cities, ready to import.

$37 @ 50%

OTO1 – Upgrade Package

– Extended directory website
– Multiple city option
– 30-day social posting plans to promote the directory
– Unlimited Commercial License – Create and sell directories to clients
– 5 short video templates to promote the directory

$37 @ 50%

OTO2 – More Marketing Materials

– Lead-gen pack targeting potential restaurant clients
– Prospecting emails to restaurant clients
– Ad templates to promote the directory

*$97 bump @ 30%: DFY setup with leads importing

$77 @ 50%

OTO3 – DFY Marketing Pack for 8 Restaurant Niches

– 8 restaurant niches
– DFY websites, videos, social media plans
– Unlimited Commercial License

$97 @ 50%

OTO4 – Attorney Directory Mega Pack

– Attorney Directory
– Extended version
– All promotion materials (social media, videos, prospecting emails, ad templates, lead gen packs)

$297 @ 50%

OTO4 – Web Agency Fortune Mega Pack

– Lowest price for my All Previous Web Agency Fortune products
– Websites, videos and social media content for 60 niches
– All videos and social media images

Downsell: Minus the videos and social media images

JV Contest

Up to $2320 in JV Prizes


100 Funnel Sales

– 1st Place: $100
– 2nd Place: $50
– 3rd Place: $20
– 4th-5th Place: $10


200 Funnel Sales

– 1st Place: $200
– 2nd Place: $50
– 3rd Place: $30
– 4th-5th Place: $15


300 Funnel Sales

– 1st Place: $300
– 2nd Place: $100
– 3rd Place: $50
– 4th-5th Place: $20


500 Funnel Sales

– 1st Place: $1000
– 2nd Place: $500
– 3rd Place: $300
– 4th-5th Place: $100


Speed Contest

– First to 20 sales: $20
– First to 50 sales: $100
– First to 100 sales: $200

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🌟 Elevate Restaurant Marketing with Local Directory Fortune – Restaurant!
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Email Body:


Hope this message finds you savoring life’s flavors! I’m bubbling over with excitement and have some delicious news to share. We’re cooking up something that’s going to spice up the marketing game – introducing the Local Directory Fortune – Restaurant Edition, the latest creation from my marketing buddy Dawn Vu.

I know, the IM market can sometimes feel like a reheated meal, but I assure you, this one is fresh from the kitchen. It’s not just a new item on the menu; it’s a culinary revolution in how we approach restaurant marketing.

Here’s the gourmet selection awaiting you:

– Instant Restaurant Directory: Imagine, with just a few clicks, launching a vibrant, professional restaurant directory. Forget the tech headaches and time-consuming setups; it’s all prepped and ready for you, letting you focus on crafting the perfect marketing strategy.

– Tailored Training and Marketing Materials: But what’s a fine tool without the chef’s secret? Fear not, Dawn serves up exclusive training and strategies that go beyond mere setup. We’re talking about transforming a directory into a bustling marketplace, brimming with hungry diners.

And because you hold a special place at our table, I’m extending an exclusive, early-bird launch offer to you. Seize the opportunity to lead the restaurant marketing landscape with a tool that’s as potent as it is user-friendly.

Picture yourself as the mastermind behind the city’s go-to dining directory, attracting customers and restaurants alike. With Local Directory Fortune – Restaurant, this vision can be your new reality, turning every Monday into a celebration of success and innovation.

Are you ready to cook up some marketing brilliance? Embrace this early-bird offer, and let’s embark on a flavorsome journey together. I can’t wait to see the bustling dining scene you’re going to create!



🌟 Don’t Miss Out Culinary Marketing Success with Local Directory Fortune!

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I couldn’t wait another moment to touch base with you about an incredible opportunity simmering right on your doorstep – Local Directory Fortune – Restaurant. If it’s still unchecked on your list, believe me, you’re bypassing a truly delectable treat.

Why focus on a restaurant directory, you might wonder?

Here’s a taste of what I’m serving up: Envision a tool that not only boosts your digital footprint but also establishes you as the ultimate connoisseur in the restaurant industry.

We’re not talking about a plain old list here. Picture a vibrant, interactive hub buzzing with foodies eager to discover the finest dining experiences. That’s the essence of what Dawn has cooked up with Local Directory Fortune – Restaurant.

But it’s more than a directory; think of it as your secret recipe to culinary marketing success. It’s your ticket to amplifying your influence, cultivating a community, and positioning yourself as the pivotal nexus for dining out in your locality.

And guess what? It’s seasoned to perfection and ready to serve with just a few clicks. Our intuitive platform is a piece of cake to set up and customize, ensuring your directory isn’t just seen but talked about and savored.

Don’t watch this course pass you by. Seize this chance to refine your restaurant marketing strategy and witness the tantalizing difference it makes. Local Directory Fortune – Restaurant isn’t merely a tool; it’s the ingredient missing from your marketing pantry.

Curious for a taste? Just hit reply for a full serving of details. I’m right here to guide you through this flavorful journey.

Can’t wait to see your success story unfold!


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🚀 Boost Your Business with The Ultimate Restaurant Tool!
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Have you ever felt like there’s a secret ingredient missing from your restaurant marketing recipe? Well, the search is over. I’m thrilled to introduce the game-changing solution: Local Directory Fortune – Restaurant Edition, your golden key to long-term culinary marketing success.

Here’s why this is a gourmet deal:

– Stand Out in a Crowded Dining Scene: In restaurant marketing, standing out can be a real challenge. But imagine having your own customized restaurant directory. Suddenly, you’re no longer just another marketer – you become a vibrant, go-to hub for food lovers everywhere.

– Effortless Diner Attraction: Picture this: diners flocking to you, not the other way around. Your directory platform does the heavy lifting, pulling in customers with its appealing design, advanced features, and rich array of dining options and resources.

– Cultivate Credibility and Appetite: In the culinary industry, reputation is everything. By presenting a diverse selection of dining experiences and culinary insights, your directory will solidify your status as a trusted connoisseur in the food world.

Here’s the cherry on top: you don’t need to be a culinary genius or tech savant to whip this up. Local Directory Fortune – Restaurant is tailored for ease and effectiveness. It’s all about enhancing your marketing efforts while minimizing your workload.

Imagine the potential: increased visibility, a constant stream of diners, expansive growth – all served up through a simple, yet impactful directory platform. Don’t let this dish go cold. Spice up your restaurant marketing strategy today with Local Directory Fortune – Restaurant.

Curious for more details? Go here now! [AFFILIATE LINK]

Bon Appétit to your marketing success,
[Your Name]

Subject Options:

Your Local Directory Fortune Questions Answered!

Email Body:

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the Local Directory Fortune – Restaurant, and it’s great to see such enthusiasm! To make things easier, I’ve compiled the most common queries and their answers right here:

Q. Is it a SaaS?
No, it’s a Done-For-You (DFY) site built for WordPress. You’ll need your own domain, hosting, and a WordPress site to run it.

Q. Is installing it really easy?
Absolutely! You can import it through the All-in-One Migration Plugin or WPVivid Backup Plugin. Both methods are straightforward, involving one upload and about ten minutes of auto-processing. You get a complete site with everything: themes, plugins, content.

Q. Does installing through backup files create a security loophole?
Not at all! Dawn has included an admin username changer plugin. After importing the site, you can easily change your admin username, email, and password for enhanced security.

Q. Is it easy to add listings?
Yes, it’s a breeze to add listings using a set of restaurant info. You can also import the listing in bulk using the pre-installed plugin and the CSV template provided in the training.

Q. How can I profit from the directory?
With your directory, when clients come to you to list their restaurant, it’s an opportune moment to offer additional marketing services. Initially, you can provide featured listings for clients who use your marketing services. As your directory grows and attracts traffic, you can sell premium listings as a monthly subscription.

Q. I don’t know what marketing services to sell…
No worries! You can opt for OTO3, which includes DFY marketing material sets for 7 restaurant niches. This gives you five ready-to-sell services – website design, social media, and video marketing.

Q. Can this be customized for another niche like healthcare or contractor?
Technically, yes. It’s possible to customize the directory for other niches, but it requires in-depth knowledge of custom posts, fields, Divi modules, and supporting plugins. So I’d recommend that you wait for Dawn’s future releases as he’s actively working on more industries.

I hope this clears up any questions you have! If there’s anything else you’re curious about, just hit reply. I’m here to help.

Cheers to your success,
[Your Name]


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Last Call: Secure Your Spot in the Culinary Marketing Revolution! ⌛

Email Body:


Time’s almost up! This is your final call to grab the extraordinary opportunity that Local Directory Fortune – Restaurant Edition serves up. If you’ve been hesitating, now is the time to dive in!

Envision having a fully-equipped, professional restaurant directory at your command. A tool that not only boosts your digital visibility but also cements your position as a pioneer in restaurant marketing. This is not just another addition to your toolkit; it’s the master key to unlocking unprecedented levels of diner engagement and business development.

With Local Directory Fortune – Restaurant, you’re gaining access to:

– An immediately deployable, refined directory platform tailored for WordPress.
– Hassle-free, secure setup complemented by leading backup solutions.
– Smooth listing management to beautifully present dining options.
– Vast avenues to present and elevate your culinary marketing solutions.

But the clock is ticking, and this savory opportunity is about to be taken off the table. Take action now, and secure your place at the forefront of the restaurant marketing evolution. This is more than just a purchase—it’s an investment in your vibrant future in the culinary world.

Get in today [AFFILIATE LINK]

Let’s turn up the heat,
[Your Name]

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