Supercharge Your Directory with Pre-Qualified Leads

"Bypass the Hassle of Data Collection - Get Ready-to-Import Leads in Any City, Tailored to Your Directory's Needs. Say Goodbye to Freelancer Headaches and Hello to a Streamlined Process, Ensuring Your Directory Grows Quickly and Efficiently."

DFY Leads in Any Niche

Verified and Cleaned Information

Ready to Import

Any City of Your Choice

Save Time

No More Headaches

Hi, it’s Dawn again!

Congratulations on your new directory, and thank you for choosing Local Directory Fortune to in your local marketing journey!

As you embark on this exciting venture, I understand the importance of populating your directory with quality listings to attract diners and ensure a vibrant, dynamic platform from the get-go.

While adding restaurants manually is an option, I know it can be time-consuming and sometimes challenging, especially when aiming for comprehensive coverage across different cities. To streamline this process and maximize your directory’s potential from day one, I’m thrilled to offer you my DFY leads service.

This is a quick decision can make a big difference in your productivity and in your directory’s growth.

Why Consider DFY Leads?

  • Time-Saving: Instantly populate your directory with pre-qualified leads, saving countless hours you’d spend on research and data entry.
  • Quality Listings: Access a curated list of business, ensuring your directory features reputable and diverse dining options that appeal to a wide audience.
  • Customized to Your Needs: Whether you’re focusing on a specific city, or multiple cities DFY leads are tailored to fit your directory’s unique niche and requirements.
  • Hassle-Free Process: Forget the complications and uncertainties of dealing with multiple freelancers. My service delivers ready-to-import leads directly to your directory, making the setup process as smooth as possible.
  • Immediate Impact: Quickly establish your directory as a go-to resource for your city, enhancing your platform’s credibility and appeal from the outset.

This service is designed to complement your efforts, offering a hassle-free solution to build a robust and attractive directory that stands out. While entirely optional, incorporating DFY leads could significantly enhance your directory’s early growth and user engagement.

What You Get With My DFY Lead Collection


DFY, Pre-Qualified Leads in Your Directory’s Niche


Collect Leads in Any City or Multiple Cities


Data Verification & Cleanup


Ready-to-Import to Your Directory


No More Manual Listing Collection


No More Dealing with Freelancers


Dedicated Support 

500 Leads

1000 Leads