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Transform Legal Marketing with DFY Directory Website! Be Chased by Clients with High-Demand, Customizable Attorney Directories – Ready to Deploy and Profit!

Revolutionary Directory Platform for Unmatched Marketing Success.

Earn Up To $396.6 Per Customer Plus $2,320 JV Prize Pool

DFY Attorney Directory

Deploy In Minutes & Ready-to-Use

Feature-Rich Directory

User-friendly & intutive features

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Training & Strategies

Training, Strategies & Prospecting Materials

Launching in:

Thank you for your interest in promoting Local Directory Fortune. I’m Dawn, the creator of the Web Agency Fortune & Local Marketing Suites & Local Directory Fortune. Since 2014, I’ve been helping over 4,000 satisfied customers grow their agencies and consulting businesses with high-quality local marketing services.

With more than $400K in sales and over $250K in JV commissions and prizes paid out, I’m proud of the success that my products have brought to my customers and affiliates. Winning 4 DOTD on WarriorPlus has been a humbling and exciting experience, and it shows how dedicated I am to creating great products and providing exceptional support. I take great pride in delivering top-quality website design services that help businesses succeed online, and I’m thrilled to have your support in my upcoming launch of Local Directory Fortune – Attorney.

Introducing Local Directory Fortune - Attorney

Tailored for legal marketers and agencies, this offers customizable, professional directory websites ready for immediate deployment. Elevate lawyer’s online presence and unlock new marketing opportunities with minimal effort. A Local Directory is not only a perfect foot-in-the-door for marketing services but also a potential income generator.

Funnel Details

Potential Earning: $396.6 Per Sale

$25-$27 @ 50%

FE – Local Directory Fortune – Attorney

– DFY Attorney Directory
– Build for WordPress w/ multiple import options. Deploy in minutes.
– Social Media Images & Videos to promote the directory
– Training & Strategies
– Unlimited Personal Usage

*$9.95 Bump Offer: Short Videos Collection to promote the directory

$37 @ 50%

OTO1 – Upgrade Package

– Extended directory website
– 30-day social posting plans to promote the directory
– Unlimited Commercial License – Create and sell directories to clients

$37 @ 50%

OTO2 – More Marketing Materials

– Lead-gen pack targeting potential lawyer clients 
– Prospecting emails to lawyer clients
– Ad templates to promote the directory
– Lead-gen pack targeting clients

*$67 bump @ 30%: DFY setup & integration 

$147 @ 50%

OTO3 – DFY Legal Marketing for 6 Attorney Niches

– 6 DFY attorney websites
– Attorney videos
– Attorney social media posting plans
– Attorney newsletter packs
– Attorney lead-gen packs
– Attorney articles
– Unlimited Commercial License

$317 @ 50%

OTO4 – Web Agency Fortune Mega Pack

– Lowest price for my All Previous Web Agency Fortune products
– Websites, videos and social media content for 70 niches
– All videos and social media images

Downsell: Minus the videos and social media images

$157-$297 @ 30%

OTO5 – Local Agency Fortune VIP Club

– 6-month/1-year VIP Club membership
– Get thousands of value worth of Divi theme, Divi Cloud and Divi Products to supercharge web design business.

JV Contest

Up to $2320 in JV Prizes


100 Funnel Sales

– 1st Place: $100
– 2nd Place: $50
– 3rd Place: $20
– 4th-5th Place: $10


200 Funnel Sales

– 1st Place: $200
– 2nd Place: $50
– 3rd Place: $30
– 4th-5th Place: $15


300 Funnel Sales

– 1st Place: $300
– 2nd Place: $100
– 3rd Place: $50
– 4th-5th Place: $20


500 Funnel Sales

– 1st Place: $1000
– 2nd Place: $500
– 3rd Place: $300
– 4th-5th Place: $100


Speed Contest

– First to 20 sales: $20
– First to 50 sales: $100
– First to 100 sales: $200

Done-for-You Email Swipes

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🌟 Transform Your Legal Marketing Game with Local Directory Fortune – Attorney!
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🚀 Ready to Revolutionize Legal Marketing? Meet Local Directory Fortune – Attorney Edition!
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Hope you’re doing fantastic! I’ve got some super exciting news that I just couldn’t wait to share with you. We’re rolling out something that’s going to change the marketing game – the Local Directory Fortune – Attorney Edition from my marketing buddy Dawn Vu.

Now, I know you’ve been there, done that with all sorts of marketing tools, but trust me, this is different. It’s not just another product on the shelf; it’s a full-fledged revolution in how we approach legal marketing.

Here’s what’s in store for you:

– Instant Professional Directory: Picture this – in just a few clicks, you’ve got a sleek, professional attorney directory live and ready to go. No tech nightmares, no hours wasted. It’s all done for you, so you can focus on what you do best.

– Exclusive Training and Insider Strategies: But what’s a great tool without the know-how to use it? Dawn’s got you covered with top-notch training and strategies. This isn’t just about setting up a directory; it’s about turning it into a goldmine.

And because you’re special to me, I’m bringing you an exclusive, early-bird launch offer. This is your chance to get ahead in the legal marketing scene with a tool that’s not just powerful but also incredibly easy to use.

Imagine being the go-to person for legal marketing in your area, having clients seek you out instead of the other way around. With Local Directory Fortune – Attorney, that’s not just a dream; it’s what your Mondays could look like.

So, are you ready to make some marketing magic happen? Jump on this early-bird offer and let’s start this journey together. I’m beyond excited to see where this takes you and your clients!


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🌟 Don’t Miss Out: Elevate Your Legal Marketing with Local Directory Fortune!

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I just wanted to drop in and remind you about the incredible opportunity that’s knocking at your door – Local Directory Fortune – Attorney. If you haven’t checked it out yet, trust me, you’re missing out on something pretty amazing.

Why a lawyer directory, you ask?

Well, let me paint a picture for you. Imagine a tool that not only enhances your online presence but also positions you as the go-to expert in the legal field.

A directory that’s not just a list, but a dynamic, interactive hub where clients flock to find the best legal services – that’s what Dawn’s offering with Local Directory Fortune – Attorney.

With Local Directory Fortune – Attorney, you’re getting more than just a directory. You’re getting a key to unlock a whole new level of marketing efficiency and client engagement. It’s a chance to showcase your expertise, build a network, and become the central point for legal services in your area.

And the best part? It’s all ready to deploy with just a few clicks. Our user-friendly platform makes it super easy to set up and even easier to customize, ensuring that your directory stands out and speaks volumes about your brand.

Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers. Embrace the change, step up your legal marketing game, and see the difference it makes. Local Directory Fortune – Attorney is not just a product; it’s your new partner in success.

If you have any questions or need more info, just hit reply. I’m here to help you make the most out of this fantastic launch.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


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🚀 Skyrocket Your Agency with One Simple Tool!
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Ever thought there’s a missing piece in your legal marketing puzzle? I’ve found it, and it’s a game-changer! I’m talking about the Local Directory Fortune – Attorney Edition, your key to unlocking a whole new level of success.

Here’s why this is a big deal:

– Stand Out in a Crowded Market: In legal marketing, standing out is tough. But with your own customized legal directory, you become more than a service provider; you become a resource, a hub, a go-to place for legal expertise.

– Effortless Client Attraction: Imagine attracting clients without the constant hustle. This directory does the heavy lifting for you, drawing clients through its professional design, SEO-friendly structure, and comprehensive legal resource offerings.

– Build Authority and Trust: In the legal world, trust is everything. By showcasing a wide array of legal services and resources in your directory, you cement your status as a trusted authority in the field.

But here’s the real kicker: you don’t need to be a tech wizard or marketing guru to make this work. Local Directory Fortune – Attorney is designed for simplicity and impact. It’s about making your life easier while ramping up your results.

Think about the possibilities. More visibility, more clients, more growth – and it all starts with a simple, yet powerful directory platform. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Unlock the potential of your legal marketing strategy today with Local Directory Fortune – Attorney.

Still got questions? Just hit reply. I’m here to guide you through every step of this exciting journey.

To your marketing success,
[Your Name]

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Your Local Directory Fortune Questions Answered!

Email Body:

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the Local Directory Fortune – Attorney, and it’s great to see such enthusiasm! To make things easier, I’ve compiled the most common queries and their answers right here:

Q. Is it a SaaS?
No, it’s a Done-For-You (DFY) site built for WordPress. You’ll need your own domain, hosting, and a WordPress site to run it.

Q. Is installing it really easy?
Absolutely! You can import it through the All-in-One Migration Plugin or WPVivid Backup Plugin. Both methods are straightforward, involving one upload and about ten minutes of auto-processing. You get a complete site with everything: themes, plugins, content.

Q. Does installing through backup files create a security loophole?
Not at all! Dawn has included an admin username changer plugin. After importing the site, you can easily change your admin username, email, and password for enhanced security.

Q. Is it easy to add listings?
Yes, it’s a breeze to add listings using a set of lawyer info. Dawn also provides a template to help you collect information from lawyers for the site.

Q. How can I profit from the directory?
With your directory, when clients come to you to list their practice, it’s an opportune moment to offer additional marketing services. Initially, you can provide featured listings for clients who use your marketing services. As your directory grows and attracts traffic, you can sell premium listings as a monthly subscription.

Q. I don’t know what marketing services to sell…
No worries! You can opt for OTO3, which includes DFY marketing material sets for six attorney niches. This gives you five ready-to-sell services – website design, social media, content marketing, video marketing, and newsletters.

Q. Can this be customized for another niche like healthcare or contractor?
Technically, yes. It’s possible to customize the directory for other niches, but it requires in-depth knowledge of custom posts, fields, Divi modules, and supporting plugins. So I’d recommend that you wait for Dawn’s future releases as he’s actively working on more hotter industries.

Q. Can I import the profiles in bulk?
We’ll be transparent. There isn’t an auto-import or bulk-import feature at the moment. You’ll need to create the profiles manually. Dawn has included an ‘information-collecting’ template to the product and set things up in the easiest way possible so that a profile can be added quickly, making this task outsourceable.

I hope this clears up any questions you have! If there’s anything else you’re curious about, just hit reply. I’m here to help.

Cheers to your success,


Subject Options:

Last Call: Don’t Miss Your Chance with Local Directory Fortune! ⌛

Email Body:


It’s crunch time! This is your final call to seize the incredible opportunity that Local Directory Fortune – Attorney Edition offers. If you’ve been on the fence, now’s the moment to leap into action!

Think about it – a fully-equipped, professional legal directory at your fingertips. A tool that not only enhances your online presence but also positions you as a legal marketing maven. This isn’t just another product; it’s a key to unlocking a new realm of client engagement and business growth.

Remember, with Local Directory Fortune – Attorney, you’re getting:

– A ready-to-go, sophisticated directory platform for WordPress.
– Simple, secure installation with top-notch backup plugins.
– Easy listing management to showcase legal services effectively.
– Endless opportunities to offer and upsell your marketing services.
– The chance to establish a recurring revenue stream through premium listings.
– And if you’re still wondering what services to offer, remember OTO3 is there to equip you with everything you need for marketing in various attorney niches.

But time’s ticking, and this opportunity won’t wait forever. Make your move now, and be part of the legal marketing revolution. This is more than a purchase; it’s an investment in your future success.

If you have any last-minute questions or need a final nudge, just hit reply. I’m here to help you make the best decision for your marketing future.

Let’s make it happen,

[Your Name]

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